Obama – Biden 2008

By Mark McEachran at 3:00 pm on Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack Obama

Obama announced his running mate this morning and held a kickoff rally at the Old State Capital building in downtown Springfield.

It was about 88 degrees outside the crowd, and I’m sure well into the 90s in the crowd.  Folks were dropping like flies from the heat.  But plenty of paramedics were standing by.

Joe Biden

The speeches were powerful and motivating, Biden turned out to be well spoken in front of a crowd.  Obama was, as he has been, inspirational and refined in his words.   Both candidates seemed to sing in unison when railing against what sounds like the Bush/McCain ticket.  That’s clever marketing boys.

Leslie and Sach at the rally

Leslie, Sach and I got our full compliment of sun for the weekend, and certainly more than our share of heat.

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