Plant Mold

By Mark McEachran at 7:24 pm on Friday, January 18, 2008

Plant Mold

This is a Gerbera Daisy and it was suffering from mold on the leaves. I did some research online to figure out if there was a spray or something I could put on it. Sure enough there was, but what I also found intriguing was the suggestion of figuring out why the leaves are getting moldy in the first place.

I noticed that the soil was usually very moist on top, this allow the mold to really take hold in the soil. It was easily transferring to the leaves and the most likely cause of my mold epidemic.

I tried letting the dirt dry out a bit, but even minimal watering left the top of the soil moist. So I added some dirt that didn’t stay moist very well. This dirt is probably not good for regular potting, but it worked perfectly in this situation. This photo details all that is left of my mold problem. The rest of the leaves are clean.

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